Process Perfect for Healthcare©

Process Perfect for Healthcare© is our complete solution for enterprise resource planning specifically adapted to the healthcare industries and totally integrated with other ACS® portfolio of healthcare applications and ACS® SOA Healthcare Integration and Analytics Platform©. This solution works in complete harmony with ACS® Solo© to provide an unprecedented powerful total healthcare solution.

Process Perfect for Healthcare© is highly flexible, and totally configurable solution, which comes out of the box with specialized knowledge about the financial and resource planning requirements for healthcare industry, scalable from hospitals to healthcare providers groups, to regional and national levels. It understands natively the creation of pharmacies networks, mains and satellites, linking with drugs knowledge bases, and peculiarities like, dispensing by multiple units and multiple variant selling prices for each unit. It also handles dispensing by volumes, by time units, and many other standards of healthcare industry.

In addition, the solution is integrated with ACS® Terminology and Vocabulary Server© and ACS® industry standard Knowledge Bases© providing full access to specialized terminologies and complete information.

The solution includes, in addition to the regular ERP capabilities, specialized modules for Patient Billing, Health Insurance and Claims Management, House Keeping, and Human Resource Management.

Process Perfect for Healthcare© is ready to integrate with a variety Automatic Drug Dispensing machines, through multiple protocols, either industry standard or proprietary, through ACS® integration platform.

You can run Process Perfect for Healthcare© from any device or operating system. As all ACS® applications, it runs within the native web browser, and totally supported by PC clients, Mobiles and Tabs, under Microsoft Windows, Android and IOs operating systems.

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